Are you unhappy with using a CPAP machine to control your sleep apnea, but an oral appliance alone is not enough? For those struggling to find the right treatment for sleep apnea, one type of treatment alone may not be the best option. Combined sleep apnea treatment using CPAP and oral appliance therapies together can be a solution. Buford Sleep can help patients who need combined treatment to control their sleep apnea with our advanced oral appliance therapy options.

Benefits of Combined Treatment

CPAP therapy is considered the best treatment for severe sleep apnea. However, not all patients tolerate this therapy well, finding it invasive and disruptive for sleep. Often this is due to the higher setting and noise required for patients to get results from their CPAP machine alone. Combining a comfortable, customized oral appliance can improve breathing and reduce snoring, allowing patients to use a lower setting for the CPAP machine. Combined treatment can improve compliance by reducing the noise of the CPAP therapy due to better breathing with the use of an oral appliance. Patients can use their oral appliance alone when traveling, making it easier to control their sleep apnea with an active lifestyle.

Is Combined Therapy Right for You?

Do you have a CPAP machine but refuse to use it regularly due to the noise at a higher setting? Do you want an option to use when traveling? Combined therapy may be right for you. Using an oral appliance with your CPAP machine can reduce the setting you need for increased comfort and less noise while you sleep. You can also use your convenient oral appliance to control sleep apnea and snoring when traveling.

Buford Sleep understands that each of our patients is unique and needs a personalized treatment to get the best results. We work with patients with sleep apnea that use CPAP machines and oral appliances together or separately to get the results they need. Come visit us to find the right oral appliance that can improve your sleep apnea treatment for better sleep and health.